Saturday, 7 June 2014

Her Real-life Hero - My Version of The Frog Prince

My erotic, contemporary romance with a paranormal twist will be coming out in July. If you take a peek to the right of my blog post, you will see the countdown to the launch of the Beyond Fairy Tales line from Decadent Publishing. I'm very excited about this line and still can't believe I obtained a contract for my story with it which should come out at the end of July.

Her Real-life Hero is the third erotic romance I've written. My first was a rather tame one which I self-published on Amazon a few years ago. The second is contracted with Decadent Publishing, due to come out some time in July. I think writing an erotic romance is much harder than a straight-forward contemporary romance. So, it's with nail-biting suspense and immense excitement that I'll be witnessing the release of my first two professionally edited erotic romances next month.

Beyond Fairy Tales books with Decadent Publishing are based on Grimm's or Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales. Upon request, we were assigned a Grimm's fairy tale and had to write our own twist on the tale - however we wanted. Usually, I struggle with coming up with book ideas but this one came to me fast. I was assigned The Frog Prince and Iron Henry. Think of kissing the frog and he becomes a prince. The fairy tale is about a young woman (a princess actually) who meets a frog who helps her retrieve her favourite object - a golden ball. In exchange, she promises to have him live in her home, eat her food and sleep in her bed! Of course, she doesn't actually expect the frog to expect her to live up to her promise. The consequences are dire. The Iron Henry part is a fascinating twist to the story and I enjoyed weaving that into the book. Love it.

Here's the blurb for Her Real-life Hero:

When Joanie buys an antique bureau to inspire her writing, the hero in her book comes to life after she promises him he can live with her. Outraged to be stuck with a man in her home when all she wants is to revel in her new-found freedom, Joanie tries her best to get rid of Theo. The magic of the bureau and Theo have other plans. Joanie resists Theo’s magnetic sex appeal but the more she resists, the more she succumbs.

Joanie was inspired by my sometimes deep-seated need for solitude. I have my family around me all throughout the day, and at times, have craved time to myself. Joanie has looked after her younger sisters and ailing aunt for years. She's looking forward to thinking only of herself and no one else. (Of course, don't we usually end up being happier when we have someone else to think of besides ourselves?) Plus her goal is to get a publishing contract and go on a much-needed holiday. When Theo comes into her life and the magic forces him to stay, a war rages in her heart between her need for space and her insatiable lust for Theo's hot bod. Joanie's suppressed her sexual desires for so long. She doesn't realise how good it can really be. Theo is about to show her a thing or two. With magic in the mix, you can imagine the sparks that fly!

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