Friday, 7 November 2014

Cover Reveal - The Century Sage

My Beyond Fairytales novel, The Century Sage, has a cover!

I loved writing this book. It's great fun entering into a fantasy world and I loved Lina and Brad's tree-filled world. Don't you love trees? They're so peaceful, they grant us lovely shade and sometimes delicious fruit. They are a vital source of oxygen for the planet.


Lina is a tree sage. She heals trees, but her duty binds her to one place for her whole life until she marries. When rally race winner Brad meets her, he is drawn to her with deep attraction and fascination, but also something more. He senses she has special powers and soon discovers her secret. Lina has to birth a sage daughter before she reaches twenty-eight else her powers will wane and the world will be short two sages. Feeling the need to save the planet, Brad offers to marry her and take her on a world-wide rally tour, nervous of their new and shaky romance. Lina can’t resist her dream of traveling coming true despite her misgivings about the depth of their relationship.

Lina settles in Paris and tends the trees while Brad travels around Europe, hoping to join him later. But dangers threaten their relationship, their lives, and the city where they stay. When an evil enters Paris, Brad has to find a way to save his wife and their relationship, but is too much pitched against them?

Here's an excerpt from the book (unedited):

She led the way through the darkened nursery to her front door. The fresh breeze from the trees seemed to calm her, and she couldn’t resist stopping by the dwarf coral trees with their scarlet trumpet flowers gathered onto tapered spikes.
“These are one of the most popular choices for gardens. They’re hardy, grow fast but don’t take up too much space.” Babbling, her nerves made her babble. She sniffed a flower and caressed a silky leaf.
Surprise shook her when she felt his hand upon the nape of her neck, cool and yet searing heat through her.
“You’re so gentle with them. Kiss me, Lina.” His hands remained on her neck as she slowly turned to find him inches from her. His breath smelled sweet like the rose or lavender bush, warm and fresh at the same time. She instinctively moved closer to kiss him, and as their lips met, shivers ran through her. She closed her eyes and took in the full sensation of Brad wrapping her against his firm chest and surrounding her with solid arms. Joy and hunger for more mingled inside her.
If only she could have him.
He didn’t kiss her long. “Let’s go inside. I want to see you. The dim light coming from your front door doesn’t illuminate your beauty.”
For a first kiss, it was a little disappointing. Too quick, not enough savoring, little exploration.
“Don’t you want to look around?”
“Do you have a brochure I can look at?”
She heard the trees natter amongst themselves. Several of them seemed surprised she’d brought a man home. She smiled a little as she unlocked her front door, snapped on the lights, and directed Brad to her living room.
Immediately, her indoor ferns shimmered and their leaves plumped up at the sight of her return. Brad seemed to notice and stared at them, his mouth open to catch flies.
No one had ever noticed the big part of her life—the way plants responded to her presence. Not even Henk had picked it up.
“I feel it, too,” he whispered by her ear, sending spasms through her core.
“Feel what?” she barely got out, her throat seeming to close up while her body moved toward unmistakable arousal. The disappointment from the hurried kiss faded in the brightness of his male aura.
Could she resist?
“This power, this energy, when you come into a room. What do you have? The trees and plants pick it up?”
“I’m just like anyone else,” she said for that had been her wish her whole life.
“Oh, no you’re not. That’s what drives me crazy about you.” He ran sizzling-hot fingers down her neck to the dip where her collar bones met.

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