Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Excerpt and Link to Paranormal Love Wednesday Blog

Today, I'm offering a short excerpt from The Century Sage, my fantasy/paranormal romance as part of a blog hop held by the Paranormal Love Wednesday blog.

Lina, the heroine in my novel, is a tree sage. Tree sages heal trees and save their lives in many ways. Lina's powers have grown stronger as she nears the time for her to bear a daughter. On the night of her first date with rally driver Brad, she sees a vision of trees about to be destroyed by a forest fire. Much to her concern, Brad witnesses her using her powers and discovers who she really is.

Rocks. Find a rock. She journeyed around the area as if she were a spirit with free rein. Exhilaration mixed with fear pumped through her. There were rocks in a nearby field. She picked up a huge boulder in her mind and flew back to the flame, which had risen higher and begun to spread. But time seemed to slow. A fire would have spread quicker in this wind. She visualized pressing the rock onto the ember. With her mind, she forced it down to put out the treacherous flame.

Power surged back into her, and peace infused her.

Brad stood above her, a glass of water in his hand. She took it gratefully and gulped down the liquid. It seemed putting out fires built thirst.

You can buy The Century Sage here.

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