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The Smexy Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway

I feel privileged to be part of this blog hop with other erotic romance writers. Here's my latest book and a smexy excerpt for your tastebuds. Read down to the bottom of the post to see what I'm giving away.


Romance Writer in Training…
Joanie wants to get her romances published but can't seem to get things right with her writing. She buys an antique bureau which the shopkeeper says has magic working through it. While using her new bureau, she begins to talk to the hero in her book, asking his advice on writing, all the while thinking it's her own imagination. She promises he can live in her home, eat at her table and sleep in her bed, if he helps her with her writing. She doesn't think he will actually knock on her door and insist she keep her promise.

He’s made a wish…
Theo has also bought a magic chest of drawers that brings him into Joanie's life. He wants to settle down with one woman, tired of shallow relationships, and Joanie seems like the perfect candidate if it weren’t for her insistence on getting rid of him.

Against her will…

The magic keeps on forcing them to live together and Joanie’s not happy. This is her first year alone and she’s been craving time to herself after looking after her younger siblings and an ailing aunt. Theo’s presence in her home, although unwanted, stirs up needs she’s suppressed for years. When they start to discover things about the magic and why it’s bringing them together, will Joanie recognize another type of magic at work? Will she succumb to the charm of Theo or will her need for breathing space pull them apart?

Excerpt from Her Real-life Hero:

His face hovered inches from hers, his gaze fixed on her lips. “I’d like to kiss you. May I?”
So respectful, so sweet. Shutting her eyes again, she nodded then tilted her head to the side a bit. Heart thumping heavy in her chest, she waited for him to ravage her mouth.

Nothing happened—no touch on her lips, no closeness, only a coldness.

“Hurry, will you?” She begged him, taken aback by her desperation.


Confused, she opened her eyes again. He remained near her, waiting, torturing her.

With rough hands, she pulled him to her, pressing her lips to his. She flung herself down on the bed so his body flopped on top of hers. Papers crinkled beneath her, pricking her bare back as her blouse hitched up. Every inch of her burned with desire. He tried to pull himself free from her, but she held him tight, as though she possessed superhuman strength. Need scrambled inside her like a caged animal.

Whoa! A few hours ago, she’d wanted him out of her life for good. All those years she’d dreamed of fiery sex while reading and watching romances, she’d never realized how much she’d want it for herself. It had been her dream to write of it, not to experience it.

“Joanie.” He pulled away, breathless. “I don’t think—”

“Shut up.” She smothered him with her mouth again. That way, she could stop the questioning thoughts and let the sensation of Theo take over her mind. Later, she would consider the consequences.

He submitted, allowing her to tease his tongue. His breath turned frantic, and she upped the play to frenetic. His erection rubbed her aching pelvis, igniting a fire within her. Breaking from the kiss, still trembling, she undid his buttons and removed his shirt. At last, she could run her fingers down the line of neat blond hairs leading toward his perfectly round belly button. Oh, how good to touch him and breathe in his scent. He still smelled of island, coconut, and sunshine.

“Joanie,” he croaked out.

She couldn’t meet his gaze. Eye contact would show him the intensity of the feelings she shouldn’t be experiencing.

Lust to feel and experience him spurred her on. She pushed him down onto his back. “Lie still. Don’t move.”

Boldness overcame her. The need inside stirred a raw desire to possess him, despite his caution. She’d never had the opportunity to find this part of herself. It was as if Theo brought out a raging fire, a raw, primal flame.

You can buy it here:


There are many other authors taking part, so please stop by. You can win a grand prize of over $100 worth of erotic romances as well as a prize on each blog stop.

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Grand Giveaway Link:

For those who stop by my blog, I'll be giving away another Beyond Fairytales erotic romance called "The Century Sage." Here's a bit about the book:

Lina is a tree sage, a gifted person who heals trees, but her duty binds her to one place for her whole life until she marries. Tree sages must marry and birth a daughter by twenty-eight, even if true love is out of the picture. When hot rally winner Brad meets her, he is drawn to her mystical powers. Lina can’t resist the man who represents something she shouldn’t go for, but neither can she turn away his sexy touch. Brad offers to marry her and take her on a world-wide rally tour. She can fulfill her dream of traveling, and he provides a way to meet the demands of her breed, but will that be enough? What about love? 

When Lina settles in Paris, loneliness and unfulfilled expectations threaten to pull the shaky relationship apart. Could the barriers between them be caused by an evil greater than they imagined? Soon, they will have to fight for Paris, but will they survive? 

Enter here:

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