Monday, 29 July 2013

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

That's what girls are made of. Women love romance. The romance genre is one of the most popular amongst women. The fairer sex wants to know they're loved, not just that the man they have wants their body. But strangely enough, the two are very closely intertwined. If her man isn't crazy about her body, she feels insecure and hollow inside. She needs that sexual fulfillment to make her life an adventure and to bond her with her mate.

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 I have a sweet tooth and love eating baked goods. Being on a health kick the last year or so hasn't made it easy but there are a few good recipes that can combine the two. There is one confectionary I miss terribly - a gorgeous soft, sprinkled with sugar, donut. Even better if it oozes jam. Mmmh, that dough just melts in your mouth and the sweet cruncy sugar with cinnamon, too, makes the perfect combination.

Sugar and spice go well together. Think ginger cookies, cinnamon buns (or called chelsea buns where I live,) Christmas cookies, and aniseed rusks. As sugar and spice make a potent mix so do love and sex. I just couldn't resist writing my first proper erotic romance although it took me years to pluck up the courage. The idea for my first novel has been brewing in my head and heart for months and I'm so glad I got it down.

I'm a sentimental romantic so I just can't leave the heart-wrenching love bits out of my writing. Sex on it's own is just an act but mixed with emotion, is so much more special.

So hello and welcome to my first blog post. I hope there will be many more moments we can share together talking about love and relationships and maybe a few yummy recipes sprinkled in between.

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