Thursday, 19 September 2013

What? Will that Really Work?

I'm actually a very shy person. I blush easily. I hate being the centre of attention in a crowd of people. I despise being watched. My wedding day was agony. If I could have it over again, I would have a small wedding just with family and close friends on the beach, my hair blowing in the wind and not having to look perfect, barefoot in a summer dress, and wild flowers for a bouquet. No fancy speeches, toasts, or dances in front of crowds of onlookers but a lavish meal at home afterwards with lots of good food and fun with those I love.

I don't know why I said all of that.

Because I'm going to share something that may make me blush. The last few years, okay most of my life, I've been fascinated with sex. I think about 98% of the population over 13 is! I love reading about sexual positions, ways to enhance your sex life, all that jazz.

There's one thing I've discovered though. The things you read, just don't always work in real life. Or they don't always work for you. Like this series I've been watching about sexuality for woman suggests that the man kiss her back to start off the foreplay - it's an erogenous zone. Well, I was all keen to try this.

Problem is, I'd forgotten something really vital about my body. I have an intense ticklish spot in the centre of my back and when that is kissed, I giggle like a schoolgirl. Did not work!

So, reading those sex tips and positions are marvellous, but to be honest, not all of them work in real life. Sex isn't this perfect little fantasy that happens automatically and effortlessly every time. Yeah, many times it's like ice-cream sundae with pecans on top, but sometimes, it's hard work.

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I like reading erotic romance from time to time but I do cringe when the writer makes everything seem so perfect and wonderful. The couple are into each other continuously, they never have any inkling of sexual differences. Their moves flow from branding heat to scorching fire in perfect, unhindered succession. As much as it's quite inspiring to read and a wonderful fantasy, I always feel like they're from a different planet to me.

So, my dream is to write erotic romance but with a touch of realism. I've gained some wonderful ideas for enhancing my sex life by reading erotic romance. I so hope some of my readers can get the same along the journey, too.

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