Thursday, 31 October 2013

My Very First Erotic Romance

I used to write inspirational romance. It never took off. I put a couple of my romances on Amazon kindle. What fun to self-publish my own books. One day, after much prodding from my hubby, I wrote an inspirational erotic romance. It was rough and I was floundering in a genre I was totally unfamiliar with. I had only read a few erotic romances written by some writer friends. I was nervous of the "laying everything out there" aspect of the genre. My upbringing wriggled with discomfort but I enjoyed the passion of the genre.

So, I put my first erotic romance on Amazon. It sold. Not with fireworks, but it sold better than my other books which I thought were more well-planned and had been edited by critique partners. My little erotic romance had never been edited by anyone. Then I wrote a contemporary erotic romance. I sent it in to Decadent Publishing. They gave me a contract!!

After I set up my new pseudonym for my erotic romance, At Second Glance, I decided to take my older books off Amazon. I began to read through my novella. It was very rough. There were many old writing habits that I'd learned to ditch while working with editors. I decided to put it back on after an edit and with a new cover. The story is the same but it's been neatened up. I'm hoping for more steady sales to trickle in and that people will enjoy my little book. It definitely pushes the boundaries. I've done research. I think there are only a handful of Christian erotic writers. This book does not fit into the mould at all. If you're keen on reading it, click here: Silk, Gingham and Lace. I think I enjoy breaking the boundaries in life - doing things that not many other people would do. Gives me a bit of an adrenalin rush!

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