Thursday, 10 July 2014

Another Cover Reveal for my Fantasy Romance

Squee! It's the month for cover reveals - one of the highlights of being a writer.

Tibbs Designs has once more come up with an amazing cover for my contemporary, fantasy romance. The book belongs to the Ubuntu line - books set in Africa, steeped with the colours and flavours of the continent.

Here it is:

Here's the blurb to give you a taste of my book:

Gelsey is a savannah sprite – a fairy in Africa who works to preserve the earth. She’s a pro at eco-balance, but when the fairy queen gives her a commission to become a human to research their love, she’s miserable. Unfortunately, it's the only means to the promotion of her dreams – a chance to save the African Wild Cat. She becomes a florist and sprinkles her gold dust on Evan, a single man in the human world. Enchanted by the magic, he marries Gelsey immediately. Gelsey is swept into the world of Evan’s love and learns that humanity is quite different to what she'd presumed. She begins to wonder if she’s ready to give up her life with him, but how can she forsake her fairyhood forever to become a human for good? Especially for a relationship she’s sure is merely based on plain old fairy magic?

An excerpt - it hasn't been through the editing mill yet so excuse any rawness:

Gelsey thought her head would spin out of control. The strange warm sensations in her tummy made her loathe to eat although she felt hungry. Was this the human love emotion? Something about the man—the way he spoke to her, the way he looked at her, as if she were so important to him, as if he really cared how she felt, shook her from the inside out. Even her fairy friends hadn’t connected with a spot deep inside of her like him. If only she could tell him of the turmoil in her soul, of the world she had left behind and of how she missed her home and her friends. Maybe he would care. Maybe he would help her and let her leave early. He would tell her all about human love so she didn’t have to be trapped in the human world a whole year.
“Um, tell me about love,” she said once they were seated opposite each other at the fish restaurant called John Dory’s. She could somehow stomach eating seafood but being an earth fairy, couldn’t bear to eat the animals she’d spent so many years helping out. According to Ziana, she would be human and forget most of her life as a fairy. That had prompted a deep fear in her and she’d determined never to forget. Thankfully, somehow she could remember almost everything.
The smell of seafood cramped her already hungry stomach. Why hadn’t she eaten lunch today? Evan had totally sent her whole day in a crazy direction. She’d been quite happy to spend the rest of her year working in the florist, making pretty arrangements, meeting people and asking them questions. She wasn’t ready for this marriage thing and had no idea what it entailed.
Evan opened his mouth and didn’t speak for a moment. “Love?”
“Yes, tell me how it felt when you fell in love. It seems it happens more than once in a man’s life.”
His eyes twinkled a moment. “This is my first time.” He looked right into her, his gaze giving off some magic as though he’d sprinkled fairy dust on her. He’d almost totally bewitched her. She knew if she hadn’t been a fairy, she would be falling into this love thing right now.
“I …”
“Why do you ask?”
She shrugged. “I didn’t expect you to answer like that.”
“You cut to the chase, don’t you?”
“I beg your pardon?”
“You’re a very innocent person. It’s as if you’ve been sheltered from so much.”
“I’ve lived for the earth and the environment. Love hasn’t featured in my life.”
He took hold of her hand and squeezed it. “I’d love to show you what it’s like.”