Thursday, 3 July 2014

Launch Party - Win a Nook

Think of The Frog Prince - kissing a frog that becomes a prince. I've written a romance based on the same fairy tale. And what fun it was to write.

Decadent Publishing's Beyond Fairytales line has now launched. All the writers of the fairytale-based romances will take part in a launch party on Facebook. Anyone is welcome to join and discover just what fascinating books will be coming out plus there are great prizes to be won including a Nook. I'll be talking about my erotic, contemporary romance with a paranormal twist.

Her Real-life Hero
by Vicki Ballante

When Joanie buys an antique bureau to inspire her writing, the hero in her book comes to life after she promises him he can live with her. Outraged to be stuck with a man in her home when all she wants is to revel in her new-found freedom, Joanie tries her best to get rid of Theo. The magic of the bureau and Theo have other plans. Joanie resists Theo’s magnetic sex appeal but the more she resists, the more she succumbs.

Join the Facebook launch party here: PARTY!!

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