Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Release Date and Blog Tour Teaser

It's all happening!  My novella, At Second Glance, is the first one I wrote under Vicki, and I'm so excited it's coming out on the 5th September. I'm busy arranging a blog tour to promote my book, and once again, I'm blown away by the kindness of fellow writers and other people in this industry.

I had an overwhelming response from my fellow Decadent Publishing writers and also a fantastic response from fellow ROSA writers so my blog tour is going to last about three weeks! I'll have a lovely giveaway. I'll either buy some erotic satin handcuffs or a lush blindfold. Think they are stunning naughty gifts to match the theme of my book. To add to that, I will give away either one grand Amazon voucher or possibly three or four smaller $5 ones.

To top it, Love Bites and Silk (or their sister company Love Bites and Silk Ties - not sure which they will use) has very kindly offered for me to get their free blog tour for their one-year anniversary!! It's great to get my debut novel a good boost as I enter the writing world. Thank you so much, Kay! I'm blown over by your kindness.

Here's a blurb of the book in case you haven't read yet:

Four years after her divorce, Merryn decides she’s ready to find someone. Joining an online singles site, she connects with the perfect guy. Funny, sexy, sensitive. When he suggests they meet, excitement compels her to say yes.

Kirk pines for his ex-wife, but realizes he must move forward. After several stimulating online chats, he believes she might be the one for him. Smart, sexy, willing to experiment and learn. But when he happens across his ex, all his plans fly out the window.

Will Merryn learn to relax and have fun without giving her heart? Can Kirk forget the past and become the man he longs to be?

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