Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Spotlight of Erotic Romance by April Vine

Today, I have fellow ROSA member, April Vine, talking about her erotic romance. I've read this book and I LOVED it!! Just so touching and hot - the right combination.


Publisher’s Note: Previously published elsewhere in 2008 as The Midnight Rose and significantly revised for EC.

The only thing Ryan Redford could do to scare off his best friend’s sexy, all-grown-up little sister when she orchestrates an all-out, everything-bared seduction is to describe the most depraved sexual acts he can think of—everything, in fact, he’s fantasized about doing to her—to ensure the virgin runs in the opposite direction.
Hell, the steamy scenarios scared him.
Except the tantalizing Leah Jenkins is not accepting no for an answer and takes his threats as promises—and expects him to deliver. On every single dirty thing he said he would do to her.
A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave.


Ryan Redford had become very accustomed to the groan inside his head. It had started when he realized Bill was not a party to Leah’s dinner. Alone, he had no right to be there. But that groan had gotten louder when he saw her in that torturous little dress she greeted him in at the front door.

When he inhaled her perfume, the scent had started to ricochet through his head with a thunderous boom. Drugged now, and beyond help, he dared look at the thick-fringed, hazel-eyed beauty before him with her long, scented dark-brown hair and wonderfully sexy body. She was still the sweetest thing he had ever seen and he was so crazily in love with her he couldn’t think straight anymore.

“I thought Bill would be here,” he said as he sat across from her at her dining table.

“I didn’t invite him.” She hesitated for a second then smiled at him. “I thought it could be just the two of us. Do you mind?”

Did he mind? He had been in love with her since she had turned eighteen when, suddenly, her legs were no longer just appendages, but long and shapely, and ones he wanted wrapped around his waist as he pressed his cock inside her. And then her breasts had suddenly filled out from nowhere, ample and round, and every time he spotted her nipples through her t-shirt he would physically salivate, knowing they would taste like honey in his mouth. Her hips were made for his hands, her lips for his kisses, pink and lush.

But that wasn’t all. Not only had she become a full-blown, touchable woman in all areas necessary, she could argue the hell out of him and, even if he were right, she would turn those hazel eyes up at him and melt his resolve. Yes, he had gotten it so bad for his best friend’s baby sister that in the last five years, whenever she was near, he walked around with a constant ache in his groin. But something was up with her. She seemed unusually quiet this evening. A little tense.

“You’re not afraid of being alone with me, are you, Ryan?” She didn’t look at him when she asked that, choosing to toy with her food instead.

I’m petrified of being alone with you.



April Vine writes erotic romance by night and is a professional dreamer by day. She has two precious sons who keep her sharp and one very tolerant husband who chivalrously defends her honor on a daily basis. Visit her at www.aprilvine.co.za

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