Friday, 15 May 2015

Spotlight on Don't Speak by Deborah Melanie

This book looked amazing so I had to sign up for the spotlight. Welcome, Deborah Melanie. We both like to write sweet and sexy romance and are both cat lovers! Anyway, here it is:

Don’t Speak.


Kane and Serena meet once a week for sex in an anonymous hotel. They have an agreement; silence is golden. No words at all are used during their weekly encounter. Is this the ideal sexual relationship or a one way ticket to a broken heart?

Kane’s Story

Reluctantly I pulled away, knowing it would only be a matter of time before one of us broke the rules. And despite the old adage, I firmly believed the rules were meant to be followed. Taking the scarf, I held it up to her mouth. She parted her lips and bit down on the pale fabric as it settled against the pink sheen of her lips. I was mesmerized. Tying the scarf firmly at the back of her head, I marvelled at her obedience, her trust. This was something new to both of us. Looking at me directly, she held her chin up firmly, but not defiantly. She wanted me, but she wanted me to take charge. I felt the thrill of power course through my veins.

Don’t Speak can be bought here: Amazon

About Deborah Melanie:

Deborah Melanie is the wife of a retired, semi-professional footballer. She is a mother, cat lover, designer, reviewer and published author.

Deborah writes stories primarily describing life in England. She loves to set stories in small market towns, with close knit communities and a backdrop of rolling hills and beautiful landscapes. Her stories are contemporary; often combining her interests in the paranormal, comedy and food. Deborah likes to write both sweet and sexy romance stories.

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